Events & Conferences

Nuoyong Empire Hotel has two air-conditioned conference venues, one which can contain a guest attendance of 100 and another that can take 250 which are close to each other. That means, we can make an arrangement to suit your conference and events needs. Our conference rooms are just suitable for any king of event.

We offer conference packages, just let us know your event needs. All conference packages include:

Conference room set up with tables & chairs
Projector and screen
Mineral water and mints
Notelets and pens
Flipchart with markers
Television and VCR

We have laptops available for an extra cost.

Business Centre

Nuoyong Empire Hotel is both for business and leisure. Visit our modern business centre   that offers a full range of secretarial services. High speed Internet services, laser printing, photo copying, binding, laminating and fax services.  Simply set up your laptop and go to work.

Car rental

Our car rental service features quality cars with professional drivers, known for their warm and courteous manner are available to drive you around, or you can choose to drive yourself. Vehicles can be rented  hourly or daily.

Fitness Centre

Our fitness centre has all the modern equipment you need to work out in style. We have advanced massaging chairs to dumb bells and other fitness equipment to get you on track. Come and work out in a royal style.